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Executive Summary

  • Purpose

    • We are seeking to lease a Continental X-ray Vertical TV Imaging System with a TM-30 R/F generator, approximate value $70,000, for use in the to be established Cole’s Chiropractic Clinic.

      The following prospectus will provide information concerning the profession of chiropractic, office description, specific expenditures, practice and marketing plans, and supporting documents. 

  • Chiropractic

    • Chiropractic is a profession that has been rapidly developing since its discovery in 1895 by D.D. Palmer. Today, there are approximately 40,000 doctors of chiropractic in the United States. Chiropractors are primary health care providers, licensed in all 50 states, and are participants in most major medical insurances.

      Chiropractic is defined as the philosophy, science, and art of things natural, with the objective of locating, analyzing, and correcting the vertebral subluxation complex. The subluxation is the improper positioning of a vertebra from the ideal spinal model which causes interference of a nerve impulse from the brain to the body and back. According to Gray’s Anatomy we know that the central nervous system controls and regulates the entire body. If we have an interference of a nerve to a particular part of the body, this part has lost the necessary communication to function properly. The rest of the body is also adversely affected since no one part affected cannot effect the whole body.


      Doctors of chiropractic are the only professionals who are trained to locate, analyze, and correct the vertebral subluxation complex. Chiropractors adjust the vertebral subluxation complex by introducing a specific force in the direction that would thereby restore the biomechanical integrity, thus restoring the nerve impulse.

  • Location

    • Cole’s Chiropractic Clinic will be located at 1450 East Wells St. This office is centrally located in Madison, and allows for easy access both entering and exiting the parking area.


      The office space is 1050 square feet, consisting of the following: 1 Reception Room, 1 Secretary Office, 1 X-ray Department, 1 Darkroom, 1 Restroom, 2 Adjusting Rooms, and 1 private office.

The Target Market

  • Market

    • Cole’s Chiropractic Clinic will primarily serve a population of over 51,000 in a ten-mile radius.


      There are only 20 doctors of chiropractic in this ten-mile radius. The equipment that we will use in our office is the latest in chiropractic technology. The Videofluoroscopy X-ray unit in our office will be the only one within 150 miles of Madison. This machine is capable of recording motion, with a significant reduction of radiation exposure to the patient. We will offer other doctors of chiropractic use of this equipment for a small fee so their patients can also benefit.

Marketing Outline & Sales Strategy

  • Promotion Plan

    • Grand Opening: Personal invitations to family and friends. Invitations to residence and commercial establishments within 1 mile.

      Advertisement: Newspaper and other publications press releases. Yellow pages in phone book. Large business sign in front of office.

      Public Relations: Continuous series of public health awareness seminars. Participation in local civic groups.

      Patient Education: Quarterly newsletter, Health Tracks: Chiropractic a New Beginning, Office lending library.


      Patient Relations: Systematic patient follow-up procedure. Special occasion and thank-you for referral mailings.

  • Patient Management

    • Day 1 - Initial office visit
      Terms of acceptance
      Case History
      Comprehensive Examination
      Videofluoroscopy / Cineradiography
      Patient Education

      Day 2 - Extended office visit
      Report of findings
      Recommended program
      Spinal Examination and Adjustment
      Scheduling of next appointment


      Future Office Visits
      Spinal Examination and Adjustment if necessary

  • Program of Care

    • Initial Care: (Acute) 3 visits per week

      Reconstructive Care: (Subacute) 2 visits per week; (Chronic) 1 - 2 visits per month


      Maintenance Care: 1 - 2 visits per month

  • Duration of Care

    • Initial Care: 3 - 6 weeks


      Reconstructive Care: 4 - 8 weeks

  • Fee Schedule 1

    • Initial Care:



      $ 35.00

      Office Visit / Adjustments


      X-rays: Cervical

      20.00 / per view

      Lumbar / Pelvic

      30.00 / perview


      75.00 / per region

      Reconstructive Care


      Office Visit / Adjustments

      $ 25.00

  • Fee Schedule 4

    • Initial Care:



      $ 45-100

      Office Visit / Adjustments


      X-rays: Cervical

      30.00./per view

      Lumbar / Pelvic

      40.00/per view


      100.00/per region

      Reconstructive Care


      Office Visit / Adjustment

      $ 32.00

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