Tips for Updating Your Website

This article is a guest post by Tyler Hansen who writes for a web marketing and design agency:

Does it seem your site traffic has slowed to a crawl?  Or maybe readers have detoured completely to other sites?  Here are some key tips for updating your website and drawing more attention.

Revive the Text
Been a long time since you read your own content pages?  Once published, we tend to move on to other things.  Take another look at the material — is the terminology outdated?  Text too formal?  Too choppy?  Something as simple as re-wording your content is one of the basic tips for updating your website.

Change Fonts
Another of the tips for updating your website is to experiment with different fonts, especially in titles, headlines, and sub-headers.  Kind of like a new wardrobe — refreshes your pages.

Add Images
People are visual creatures.  One of the fundamental tips for updating your website is to add more photos, graphics, and illustrations.

Elemental tips for updating your website include playing around a little with color.  Maybe change the shade of your background.  Perhaps the font ink.  Maybe the color used in your company name.  People are affected by different colors.  Hues can add spark, humor or gravity to the tone of your website.

Do you have a symbol that represents your company?  One of the simplest tips for updating your website is to create a iconic image that conveys your business.  Something that specifically signifies your company.

Add Pages and/or Content
Basic tips for updating your website include adding more pages or expanding the ones that exist.  Visitors come to your site for current information about your business.  If they see the same content time after time, they’ll lose interest.  Come up with one or more new pages, or add some new content to existing pages.  If your site has looked the same for quite awhile, maybe put an announcement on your home page to let them know about the new pages or which page(s) have updated content.

Adding this popular feature is another of the tips for updating your website.  Readers are interested in your own thoughts and comments.  What’s new at your company — promotions, products, events, reports, acquisitions, presentations?  The list goes on and on. No need to make it fancy or formal; just talk to your readers as if you’re sitting across the table with a cup of coffee.  This makes your readers feel more connected to you and your website.

People love to tell you what they think about issues.  One of the tips for updating your website is to pop in a survey periodically (or even on a regular basis) for readers’ feedback on an issue.  Be sure to give a deadline, then announce the results.

Another of the tips for updating your website is to let your readers talk to you and to each other.  Forums covering various categories allow those who visit your site to ask questions and get feedback, voice opinions and comments, lodge complaints, and provide suggestions.  Readers enjoy the support and assistance from others.

Nothing packs an impression like testimonials.  Employing them as one of the tips for updating your website can be very effective.  These gems of praise and thanks from clients/customers can send waves of assurance to prospective users of your products or services.

Offer a Store
One of the money-making tips for updating your website is to build a website store.  People who visit your site are already interested in the subject of your enterprise.  So why not offer them the opportunity to buy items related to your business?  You can sell your own products and/or sell items from other websites and companies as an affiliate (you get a commission on products ordered through your website!).

This is another of the fun tips for updating your website.  You have expertise in your subject area.  Why not write a book that more thoroughly discusses or explains an aspect of the website content?  Maybe your website is about popular English castles to visit.  Perhaps write an eBook that tells of other interesting tourist attractions, accommodations, and eateries in the area of each castle so readers can plan more detailed trips.  Or perhaps an eBook giving more exhaustive backgrounds of each castle for history lovers.  Lots of options are open for any and all businesses!

Using just one of these tips for updating your website can make a difference in the number of visits.  Take the time to make some changes and watch the numbers grow!

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