4 Tips to Improve the Visibility and Production from Your Website

Are you having a hard time ramping up visitors to your website? For those who want to make some progress with their site without hiring an internet marketing agency, here are four key tips for updating your website to draw more attention and results:

1. Refresh the Copy
Has it been a months since you’ve read your own content pages? Most of us tend to publish content then move on to other things. Stop and take a close look at the content on your site. Look for terminology that may be outdated, updates in your product or service offering, etc. Even if you do some basic re-wording with your content it will show the search engines that your site is alive and well.

2. Add Images
People are often visual creatures and enjoy seeing more life and color on a web page. One fundamental tip for updating your website is to add more photos, graphics, and illustrations. For additional value with the search engines, which will drive more traffic for you, be sure to name the image files with descriptive text and use the “alt” attribute for the image. By adding these two “keyword signals” to the search engines, your site will clearly communicate what these images are and will attract more visitors.

3. Add New Pages and a Blog
Another solid tip for updating your website is to add more pages or expand the ones you have. Ask yourself what search terms you wish people would find your site for when they are looking for information on Google. Do you have a page of content that matches up with that search? Try to come up with one new page each month, or add a few new pages each quarter.

Another great way to add fresh content to your site without worrying about adding new pages and how they’ll fit in the navigation structure is to add a blog. Search engines love to see a steady stream of content on a domain. A blog is the easiest way to manage that content. You can talk about a broad variety of topics that relate to your business that your target market might find interesting.

4. Free Download to Build a List
As you get more visitors to your website, the next step will be to engage them and get more out of them. Since you have expertise in your subject area, why not write an ebook or guide that thoroughly discusses or explains an aspect of your business or industry? By offering a digital product of value, you can capture names and emails from your website visitors for follow up. Deliver great content to them for free to build trust with them and follow up with special offers and more great content.

If you apply any of these tips for updating your website, it will make a difference. When applied together, you’ll see a meaningful improvement to your website’s performance that will impact your business.

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