One Skill Every Entrepreneur Needs

The old saying “you can build a relationship for ten years and destroy it in a day” will always ring true, especially in business. Many even go as far to say that all business is simply managing relationships. And honestly, that is a tough one to argue against.
If you are in the process of building your start-up the most important skills you can possibly develop are the ability to communicate and build relationships. The best business plan or business model is never enough to gain support, the best product is never enough to bring in customers, and the best marketing plan isn’t enough to build brand loyalty. People have to know you, like you, and most importantly, trust you.

The ability to communicate and build relationships is indeed a skill we can develop and is not something you are simply born with. Anyone can be a master at communicating and building relationships. It just takes effort, time, and a willingness to put yourself out there.

Create Situations Which Allow Strong Relationships to Build

In order to start building great relationships, we first have to put ourselves in situations that allow us to do so. What do I mean? We need real face-to-face contact. In any Communications 101 course you’ll hear about information richness which describes how well our messages are received. Face-to-face communication creates the most richness because of all the different communication channels that exist: verbal and non-verbal.
We are far more likely to be remembered if we speak to someone face-to-face. They have a face with a name and message which will leave a lasting imprint. Email, phone calls, and social media never achieve the same kind of connection that a face-to-face meeting will. In a qualitative way, something as small as a face-to-face conversation and a handshake create powerful switching costs and competitive advantages for your business.

Manage Today’s Technology Wisely

The amount of business now done solely online is astounding. It facilitates and creates new possibilities, but
also creates its own barriers. These barriers present increased challenges for managing our communication channels. It also makes it easier for us to skip using face-to-face communication. New apps and programs help bridge this gap such as Google Hangouts, Skype, and other video streaming and calling technologies. We should use all technology to our advantage, be it text, email, instant messaging, etc. But we should always be able to recognize when a situation calls for an old-school approach. Recognizing such situations is as important of a skill as learning to communicate clearly.
We must be careful not to sacrifice too much for speed and simplicity when it comes to building relationships, especially in the start-up stages. Take the time to develop the ability to communicate and build strong relationships early on in your company. Center those early relationships on activities high in information richness such as face-to-face communication. This will be the best investment you ever make.

It Still Pays to Be Human in Today’s Start-up World


Set Yourself Apart by Giving People What They Want: The People Behind the Product

Every week more and more tech start-ups are launching all over the world. Supply chains have become global and businesses are pieced together with customers, partners, suppliers, and manufacturers based all over the planet. This even includes company employees being located all over the globe serving out their functions from separate locations miles and miles away.
Today’s technology allows for business to thrive in such an interesting environment but can also complicate how business is carried out. As probably all of us have experienced, most business is carried out via email, text, etc. without any kind of face-to-face contact.
On top of all of this, it can be costly and difficult to arrange physical meetings, conference calls, or even phone calls. In terms of cutting costs, all these alternatives are much cheaper.
This recent trend has made it even more important for us to find new ways of humanizing ourselves with our contacts, customers, and partners. Attempts are made through blogs, social media, vibrant websites, and some innovative marketing strategies.
In an unprecedented fashion, consumers have so much information at their disposal, making it vital that they get to know us. Easily-accessible information has suddenly put every business on a level playing field, making it harder and harder to gain competitive advantage. That battle can still be won by providing a personal touch to business and expanding beyond online selling and communication only.
We just need get out there. Attend events, trade shows, and other gatherings where your individual consumers, suppliers, partners, and contacts may be. It is time to step out of the office and give them a face to put with a name.
Even as times change people still love one thing more than the product itself: The people behind it.