Story Behind eBusinessPlan

In 2006, James Endicott was asked to be a Director of the Business Plan Competition at Brigham Young University.

In this role he worked with hundreds of young entrepreneurs working to launch and build successful companies. James soon found one of the most important keys to winning the national competitions and getting funding from Angel Investors, Venture Capital Investors, and even Banks was to have a Winning Business Plan.

James realized there did not exist a web based tool to build, manage, and promote business plans. So, in 2012 was born. is the world first completely web based Business Plan software. Now You can build a Winning business plan to take Your business to the Next Level!

But why stop there?

Why not build tools to collaborate in building your plan with team members? Why not build the most robust financials anywhere? Why not build tools to share your plan and receive feedback through social media tools? Why not build tools to promote and submit your plan to Investors? is everything you need to attract Investors and get the funding you need to build your company!